The Geography of LOST: Retrospective is the result of a four year geographic study of the fictious "ISLAND" from the TV show "LOST".

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The Geography of LOST

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Answers. Answers. Answers.

I have been both praised and berated for the “Geography of LOST” project.

I’m just glad that the awesome experience that was LOST apparently has a fire that is far from extinguished.

So, i thought it would be neat to answer a lot of the more common questions i have been getting…


Every time we saw this cabin it’s location was different, from the first time, it was up on the side of a hill, to when it got torched, on flat land next to a big tree…


I did have issues with the Lighthouse..what we do know…

- On the way to the Lighthouse, Hurley and Jack walked in and out of streams, then came upon “the caves”
- The caves are in close proximity to the beach camp- Leaving the lighthouse, Hurley and Jack come upon Richard, they then go to the black rock- From Season 4, Ben drew Rousseau a map, (’s_maps), which puts the Temple within proximity to the Barracks..
I deduced from that, the Lighthouse would be at the southern part of the island, on the water
Something here is geographically wrong….or there is no consistency between the time it takes to get from place to place has show on LOST..

Judging by the shots from the season 3 finale, the Radio Tower must be high enough to get a good signal, but also, the background shows it that it’s not on a very high point, but on a relatively flat, gradually sloped area. Think of the map’s placement of it more towards the inner part of the ridge it’s on. Not quite the highest point of the ridge, but close. Not close enough to see the water from…

Let’s first remember the there are many wells on the island. The well Man-In-Locke threw Desmond down is not the same well the frozen wheel is in..
The frozen wheel well, a.k.a. The Orchid, was seen in Season Five as Sawyer and company was flashing through time. From my map, that shot is a bit of stretch, i can, and have been wrong in the past. Things that bother me with that shot…
- Miles, Hurley, and Chang drive from the Barrack to the Orchid along a cleared path, i don’t think they are driving over or through one of the two mountainous ranges on the island..
- Vertically, how high is the statue? How high are the ranges at given points? How low is the map’s location of the Orchid? There are many “topographic” uncertainties…


Take my topographic uncertainties statement and add to that the Black Rock hit the head of the statue on it’s way inland….

Yes! I do believe that was a big wave.Yes! I do believe the ship was carried that far inland…


Yes, it’s that little thing to the right…i decided a while back to use a screen cap the show released of Rousseau’s map. You can see in some of my earlier versions i created an entirely new island to the north of the main one but ultimately killed that idea.

On my earlier versions, i put the Elizabeth, where Kelvin/Desmond kept it in the area by Jacob’s Cave, over all to the show, i decided to omit it.

In the video for the Pearl Station, Chang mentioned that the workers of the Pearl could take the Pala Ferry back to the Barracks.
It would make no sense to walk to the Pala Ferry where ever it may really be, to get back to the Barracks. Unless, they are on opposite sides of the island. Which would throw everything out of whack. Let’s not think about that.

While sometimes you can use various treks on the show to get some geographical locations, the landscape of the shots is usually very inaccurate. Next time you re-watch an episode, look at the water, the sun, etc, and see how often these positions change.

Stay Tuned….i’ve got another map in the works….Same Island, different take…
Let me give a shout-out to Tim McInnis, a fan of the map who emailed me. Him and his fiancee bought a print to hang in their first house together. Good Luck. LOST fans unite!
And thanks to everyone! Most of the sites that have mentioned the map have gotten upwards of 40,000 hits to their respective articles on “The Geography of LOST”…
I’m still hoping for a spin-off, so let’s keep the interest in LOST at a fever pitch!
The map (and myself) will be on display at the map gallery in San Diego next month at the ESRI International User Conference, if you are an attending geographic professional, please stop and say Hi!

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The Lost map is on display, stop by the convention center if you’re in San Diego

View in High Quality →

The Lost map is on display, stop by the convention center if you’re in San Diego

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I’ve been teetering on the elusive 200 for a few weeks now, ive been as high as 199, but now im back down to 196.

Stay Tuned, ive got a great post lined up for the weekend…

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I was able to get a quick english translation of the LOST map on French TV. Charlotte Blum, who talks about it in the video, provided me with it:

Presenter : I think Charlotte has a gift

Me : it’s more than a gift ! let me show it behind me (people saying oh !)

You bet, Oh !

(joking) it’s a map of Paris, it’s fantastic

It’s a map of the Island in Lost

It was made by an American cartographer who watched allepisodes taking notes, 6 times 24 episodes. Not only did he drew it, but he also placed the mysticplaces on the island„ such as the swan, Rose and Bernard, we can see where the pieces of the plane fell down. You needen’t wait until christmas to offer it to people, it’s actually the gift of the century. It’s extraordinary. It makes me want to cry.

And you can buy it on Jonah Adkins’s website, the cartographer who created it.

Presenter : and then we can watch the series and see where everything is

Me : yes, and you can check ecerything and realisze that sometimes, it takes the characters 2 days to walk a 5 meters long distance (joking)

Presenter : they don’t really have a sens of orientation

Me : well, they’re lost…

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